Montana League of Rural Voters
About Us (and our work)
The Montana League of Rural Voters supports the laws and lawmakers that protect Montana's family farmers and ranchers, our good clean water, and our state's unique quality of life.

Family-based farms and ranches sustain our rural communities. They sustain our land, water, and wildlife. They represent much of what is best about Montana.

It’s in the interest of all Montanans that our family farms and ranches survive. Rural Montana is a great place to live, recreate, work, and raise a family. Rural Montana must thrive if we want to maintain our unique quality of life.

But that won’t happen by itself. Family farmers and ranchers face many obstacles today. Indeed, many Montana farms and ranches have not been able to survive, and our state loses more and more with each passing year.

Rural Montana is worth fighting for.
That's why the Montana League of Rural Voters exists.
The Montana League of Rural Voters helps family-based agriculture thrive in Montana by getting rural Montanans more civically engaged. Whether you’re a fourth-generation farmer or live in one of Montana’s cities, it’s critical to all of us, and to the state we call home. We all have this much in common. 

We are going to reverse the prevailing trend by amplifying the voice of rural Montana families at the local, state, and national levels. We engage rural Montanans in the civic dialogues that directly affect our future and our livelihoods.
  • To achieve a healthy rural economy, the League is:
  • Holding public officials and politicians accountable to their constituents by educating voters about the actions of legislators and members of Congress, the actions and statements of executive branch officials, and the stances and statements of politicians and candidates in rural Montana.
  • Developing community leaders in rural Montana counties, briefing candidates, and making them take a stand on issues that are important to rural Montanans.
  • Supporting candidates for elected office in rural Montana that support our values and making sure rural Montanans know about the ones who don’t.
  • Taking a stand and educating voters on ballot initiatives that directly affect rural Montana.
  • Supporting good public policies like encouraging renewable fuels like bio-diesel at the local level and increasing the state's renewable energy standard.
  • Engaging rural Montana citizens in the civic process by registering under-represented communities to vote and getting them out to vote
  • Supporting rural Montanans’ rights at the ballot box.

The Montana League of Rural Voters is a Montana non-profit public benefit corporation organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, contributions are not tax deductible as they may be used for lobbying or political purposes.